A History Of Great Mistakes

A trip to Aberystwyth on a sunny weekend to see the Sky – pt3
February 19, 2009, 10:18 pm
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(Have a read of part 1 and part 2 first)

I stared at my mobile. How was I going to explain being late? And how could I get Sky to come to the party?

My throat went a little dry, and the world seemed to slow down for a moment.

I began to text.

“Hi – sorry I’m late – hey do you fancy switching the lunch to tonight instead?”

I pressed send.

‘Crap.’ I thought to myself. ‘If I were her I’d have been miffed at that. I need to make it a bit better…’

“…bugger! Just noticed my last text didn’t send until now! I must have been out of signal. Are you ok for tonight?”

‘Yeah, that’ll do the job’ I thought.

A few moments past, I had another sip of my pint and chewed on a bite of my steak lunch. The medley of chips, onion and prime rib were delicious. Or I imagined they were. The taste of hops had somewhat taken over my taste buds on the last pint.

Sky texted back.

“K. When / where?”

Over the years, I’ve learned a few things about women. Whenever – and I mean whenever – women give a short reply to a question, you sir, are in the doghouse.

At this point in my life however, I had yet to learn this lesson. And I was pretty clueless to the fact that Sky was more than a little hacked off with me. Yes, I did have a little inkling. But… Well… I was a little too drunk for it to be in the forefront of my mind.

“Remember Jay? He’s having a house party at the top of Penglais hill… Could do that? Maybe meet you in town around 7 and walk up together?”

There was another pause as I waited for Sky’s response and chewed on more steak.

“Hey Pete – fancy being a mate?” said Jay.

I gulped down my mouthful. “What does it involve…?” I cautiously responded.

“Just drumming up a bit of interest for the party tonight. Walking around town, letting people know about it and so on…”

I looked out of the pub window. The sky crackled and the rainy Welsh weather transformed into Eastern monsoon rain before my eyes.

Sky replied to the text. “K – meet me in town @ 7. Spoons?” It was back on! Sky was coming, which meant that it would be a little rude to not help out with a few pre-party preparations…

“Sure… I’ll help you drum up a few people.” I said to Jay as I texted Sky back to confirm.

As we walked out of The Academy, I immediately regretted not bringing a coat. I didn’t think I was going to need one when I’d come down. Michael Fish had said that it was meant to be a lovely clear day – in fact it was supposed to be the hottest of the year! So what was with all the sodding rain? ‘Still, he didn’t get everything right when I was growing up‘, I thought to myself.

“I’m going to have to get a coat” I said to Jay, my teeth chattering as we walked in the rain.

After picking out a fetching little rugby raincoat from The Don, I walked around with Jay and his mate telling people about the party. I wasn’t sure if he knew all of the people that we were stopping, or whether he was just trying to drum up interest from some of Wales’ most delightful ladypersons, but most invitees seemed a little disinterested.

“We need a party starter.” Announced Jay as the rain died down. “Think we’ve missed an obvious trick here lads. We need Matt.”


Matt - "arr Jimlad"

Matt - "arr Jimlad"

Truly, one of my favourite people in all the world.

The only person I’ve ever met who sustained an eye injury so serious in the middle of an elastic band fight, that he had to leave work and be rushed to accident and emergency with a torn cornea. Which, by the way, is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. To make it slightly worse, the elastic band fight was with me and one other (Kev, another top lad). And to make it even worse, I thought he was joking, so I rushed over and pounded Rowntree’s Fruit Pastels off the back of his head as he lay on the floor clutching his face.

I felt terrible when Matt came back to work in an eye-patch. It didn’t, in all honesty, stop me from laughing all the way home mind.

“Blimey! Matt! Where is he these days?” I questioned, eager to see if he’d stayed the same as the bright eyepatched lad I remembered.

“At the moment he’s working in Argos I think. He might even be on shift…”

Before Jay could finish his sentence – I was heading towards Argos.

“Hello mate!” I beamed as I saw Matt.

“Bloody hell! What on earth are you doing here?!” Said Matt, looking more than a little surprised.

“Well, I’m’ here in Aber’ for a date with Sky, but…”

“Hang on a minute! Sky? From Dorothy Perkins? Used to work with us Sky?

“…yeah, but…”

“How’d that come about?!?”

“…well it’s a bit of a long story, but…”

“Dude. Tell. Me. All.

“…er, well…”

Jay jumped in. “Fancy coming to a bit of a party tonight mate? House party up on Penglais?”

“That – sounds like a plan.” said Matt, pausing for breath before turning to me. “Tell you what – you can update me a bit more on the Sky thing tonight eh?!?”

“Job done!” I said.

And with that, we had our party starter.

Now all that remained was to grab a few party favours, and make sure that I didn’t cock up the evening with Sky…


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