A History Of Great Mistakes

A trip to Aberystwyth on a sunny weekend to see the Sky – pt4
February 20, 2009, 5:46 pm
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(make sure you read part 1, part 2 and part 3 first)

Everything was going great in my head. We had Matt, there was Jay, and I was going to pick Sky up at 7. Now all we needed to make the party work was a bit of food, and a lot of alcohol.

The walk up Penglais hill has always been a bit dodgy on the best of days, but on that day, weather as it was – it was damn near deadly.

After a very cautious climb, we reached the halls that Jay and his housemates were living in – just in time for the sun to come out. ‘Now this was what I was promised by Michael!’ I thought to myself, as I looked out of Jay’s kitchen window.

“Right – we need to grab a bunch of beer dude” said Jay.

A woman walked in and grabbed a t-shirt from the dryer in the corner of the kitchen. “Won’t be a minute and I’ll be right with you Jay” she said, before walking off again.

“Errm… Dude? Who be she?” I asked, using the best English my sobering brain could offer.

“Oh! Sorry, I forgot for a moment that you don’t know everyone!” said Jay apologetically. “Hey Sandra, come meet Pete!” he shouted towards the door.

Sandra walked back into the kitchen wearing the Supergirl t-shirt she had dashed in for before. “Hey Pete” she said, “I’m Sandra!”

‘Well hello Sandra, I am Pete of Warwick, it is a great pleasure to meet you in such a wonderful green land as this’ I said in my mind. I was told later that my actual words were more to the effect of “…er… Hi.” Smooth.

“So – shall we get a bit of beer and food for tonight?” she said.

“Going to have to” Jay chirped from the background as he looked through the fridge, “Mother Hubbard’s cupboards are all bare, and her brewery has been drained.”

The Co-Op was only a short walk away, so we (with a lad named Jeff) trekked over.

Jeff had a good banter with Sandra, but seemed to be resisting her subtle advances ever so slightly. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it all. Especially as Sandra was a bloody funny lass.

Back then I had a tendency to float towards the funnier lady. Truth be told, that tendency is still there.

So, at 5pm on hot and humid Aberystwyth afternoon, walking back to the halls loaded up with beer and chicken wings in overflowing plastic bags, I began to float towards her.

It was pretty obvious that Sandra was interested in Jeff. But I couldn’t help myself from doing a little bit of flirting with her anyway. Especially as Jeff didn’t seem to be that interested in Sandra.

“Fancy another beer before the party starts?” Jay enquired as I sat down in the living room. I looked at my watch. 5:30. Plenty of time for a bottle or two of beer before setting off to pickup Sky.

“Sure – hey, pass me one of the 1664 will you?” I rarely drank Kronenbourg. I’d had what can only be described as a ‘very bad experience in a field’ a year or so beforehand, which had taught me that I get very drunk and very silly on the stuff. But I’d temporarily erased that part of my conscious thought process, as I was having a laugh with Sandra, and seeing as she was drinking 1664 – I was going to follow suit.

Good heavens was I drunk.

'Tipsy' me

Time passed, and I spent it well, getting tipsy and laughing with Sandra, Jay and Jeff.

“I thought more people would be here by now” said Jay, looking at the slab of beer and bucket of chicken wings on the table. “That beer isn’t going to drink itself. I wonder where Matt is?” Jay looked at his phone to check for missed calls.

“Dude! Idea!” boomed Sandra. “I’ll round a few people up from the other halls! Hey Jeff, you up for comin’ along to do that?”

“Nah, you’re alright. I’m going to have a bit of a look for some more music instead.”

Sandra looked a little peeved, turned to me, and with a smile said “how about you Pete? Gonna let me down too?”

“No” I said, without a moments hesitation – “let’s drag them in kicking and screaming!”

“That’s the spirit! See that Jeff? Pete’s up for it!” said Sandra, smirking.

“Good for him.” Said Jeff, getting up to look for music.

As we put our coats on and walked out the front door, a disturbing fact became apparent to me. I was very very drunk. That damn 1664 had done it again. I looked down at my shoes and hoped Sandra hadn’t noticed any swaying. My head raised just in time to watch Sandra fall over her shoes and faceplant the front lawn.

I had nothing to worry about.

We walked around the campus chatting about nothing and exchanging the odd flirt here and there. I was beginning to get the impression that this girl liked me. Which was fine with me. I was starting to like her too.

Sadly, almost no-one was home. And when they were home, they seemed to be either hungover or disinterested. We weren’t impressed, but we’d given it our best shot. After a few ‘maybes’, we decided to call it a day and walked back to the halls.

“Ooh! Hey Pete, are you good at piggybacks?” said Sandra, randomly.

“I’m… Not that bad…?” I replied, a little confused as to the context in which the question was being asked.

“Yes! Jeff’s good too, but he doesn’t like giving me piggybacks anymore.”

I looked at her, with an expression on my face that can only be summed up as ‘….aaannnnddd…?

“Well, I was just thinking…” she murmured, looking at the ground and scuffing her shoes a little “…maybe you could give me a piggyback? My legs are dead tired…

Now, I liked Sandra, but – she was slightly curvaceous, and I’d recently put my back out. I pondered the situation for a mini-moment, and looked up at the sky. “Go on then…” I said, in a slightly gruff tone, rolling my eyes.

“Yay!” she squealed, jumping up and down.

I turned around, and arched my back a little.

Sandra took a mini run up, jumped on and quickly locked herself into the most comfortable position. ‘I don’t know what I was worrying about’, I thought ‘she’s as light as a feather…!’

I started to walk back with Sandra’s arms around my neck. Felt kind of nice. Sandra kneed me in the rib. “Giddy up horse!” she said, playfully.

‘Cheeky little…’ I thought to myself, while I laughed. I broke into a slightly faster ‘trot’. “Faster horse! Faster!” she said, laughing. I trotted a little faster. “No – faster!” she said, nudging me in the ribs again.

I began to run.

Although the day had warmed up and there wasn’t rain falling from the heavens, the ground had yet to recover, and was still sodden. Trees had been dripping water onto us as we’d been walking around together, and neither of us had paid that much attention to it when we were going from door to door earlier. I certainly hadn’t paid any attention to the wet concrete walkway I was now running down.

But when I slipped backwards mid-stride, threw Sandra to the floor and backward headbutted her (while twisting my knee and accidentally groping her left breast in an attempt to steady myself) I was acutely aware.

“You f@£king idiot!” shouted Sandra, as I lay ontop of her, crushing her chest with my weight. “I’ve landed on my b@$%arding ass! That’s going to give me a f@£king huge bruise!” she said, pushing me off.

‘That. Hurt.‘ I thought, as I lay on the floor, watching Sandra storm off.

My phone beeped at me.

“Where r u?”

It was from Sky. I looked at my watch.