A History Of Great Mistakes

A trip to Aberystwyth on a sunny weekend to see the Sky – pt5
February 21, 2009, 12:30 pm
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I lay on the wet concrete floor, looking up at a darkening sky. My eyes glanced down to Sky’s text again. I couldn’t believe I’d done it again. There was no other solution for it – I was going to have to man up and call her to apologise.

Shaky fingers scrolled through the phonebook for Sky’s number as I stood up and dusted myself off. Cautiously, I pressed the call button.

“Hello? Where are you?” said Sky, picking up almost immediately.

“…I’m really sorry – I’m up on Penglais hill. It’s a long story, but could you come up to meet me instead…?”

There was a moment of silence. I ached for what seemed like years, searching in the vacuum of sound for some indication of any remaining interest.

“…fine.” said Sky, to my eternal relief. “But I’ll be awhile, I bumped into Matt earlier and convinced him to have a drink when you didn’t turn up. I’ll be there in an hour or so.” So that was where Matt had been – getting the other half of the story.

“That’s great! Really, I’m sorry again. I truly am. I’ve not really done all that well here have I…”

“Just be there in an hour” sighed Sky.


Sky hung up the phone as I reached Jay’s front door and rang the bell. Sandra had taken housekeys with her, but after she stormed off post fall / breast grope, I thought it wouldn’t be on good form to ask her ‘if she could leave the door on the latch’.

“You dude – need a beer” said Jeff, beckoning me in. “Sandra has a bruise on her forehead, you know that?”

My face turned a deep shade of crimson. I looked away. “Is she around…?”

“Buggered off into her room as soon as she got back, well, after a bit of f-ing and blinding of course. Something about having to use foundation to cover her eye, blah blah etc. I laughed so hard I could barely hear her after that…

I was completely stuck for words.

“Let’s get you that beer” said Jeff, smiling.

We sat in the living room drinking more 1664 and listening to Michael Jackson’s Thriller.  Sandra walked in with a slight black eye (which I can only assume she got from my reverse headbutt) and stared at me.

“B@$tard!” she shouted.

I gulped the last mouthful of my 1664. It was going to be a long evening. ‘Better have a Fosters and slow down a bit’ I thought. Don’t want to make another tit of myself.

More beer seemed to be the best solution

More beer seemed to be the best solution

Four Fosters and a few more party goers later, I was up on the dancefloor popping a groove. The fact that I was up there on my own didn’t really bother me, although a little company would have been nice. After Zombie Nation – Kernkraft 400 had finished, I breathed a sigh, and threw myself into a chair near Sandra.

“Really am sorry Sandsie” I slurred. “Didn’t mean to give you that shiner…”

“It’s fine, really.” smiled Sandra. “I was angry before, but now… Well, it was just an accident wasn’t it?

“It was!” I agreed. “Friends again…?” I said, smiling a bit of a drunk smile and stretching out my arms for a hug.

Sandra looked at me. “Friends” she said, giving me a handshake. “Anyway, changing the subject, have you met Anne?”

‘No I haven’t, how the devil are you Anna on this fine humid evening in the land of my fathers that we call Wales?’ is something like what I would like to have said. Jay told me the morning after that I’d just smiled and giggled a little. Which, I think Anna must have liked, as she smiled back at me.

The beers were certainly doing their job, giving me a huge warm fuzzy feeling of love for my fellow man. And woman. Women. Actually, just a huge love for all two of the women in the room. They were beautiful. And Sandra had a nice left breast. I’d confirmed that by accident earlier.

“Hey! Let’s play a game!” said Sandra.

“Bokay!” I replied, adding a ‘b’ to okay for no reason other than making myself laugh.

“What could we play?” Sandra asked the party.

“Risk!” “Drinking Game Monopoly!” “Snakes and Ladders!” suggested various people from around the room.

“…bokay…” I snorted, nearly wetting myself laughing.

And then Anna made a suggestion. “Why don’t we play Twister?

I stopped laughing.

“I’ve never played Twister before” I said to Anna. “Is that the game I’m thinking of…? The one with the coloured dots, people, etc…?”

“That’s the one! Come on – it’ll be fun!” said Anna, grinning. “Hey! It could be you, me, Sandra and Ja–”

“Ok – let’s get this show on the road!” I said, cutting her off and making room on the floor by moving a table that didn’t need moving.

Fifteen minutes later, my shoes were next to the Twister mat, and I was intertwined between Sandra and Anna, who were both contorted around Jay. I was having a pretty damn good time. And I had an excellent view of Anna’s breasts thanks to my ‘left hand yellow’ move.

Jeff spun the wheel and called out Jay’s move. “Left leg green!” Jay had been precariously perched before that call, but that was it – he moved – and we all tumbled to the ground laughing.

I laughed more than most, as I went face first into Anna’s cleavage.

Relaxed and happy, I breathed a sigh of relief, picked myself up, and looked towards the door.

“Oh… Hi Matt… …Sky… Um… How long have you both been there…?”


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