A History Of Great Mistakes

A trip to Aberystwyth on a sunny weekend to see the Sky – pt6
February 22, 2009, 8:30 am
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(be sure to checkout part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 and part 5 first)

“Sooooo… This is… Awkward...” I slurred, giving a small smile towards Matt and Sky.

Sky walked out of the room.

I looked at Matt. Matt looked at me.

“Hey Sky! Wait up!” shouted Matt. “Don’t worry mate, I’ll fix this.” he said as he dashed out of the door.

“Who was that?” asked Anna.

“Errr… My… …date…?” I said, sheepishly.

Anna and Sandra both stared at me.

I sat just outside of the living room as the party continued, watching the front door like a hawk. ‘What a tit I’ve been tonight‘ I thought. I wasn’t surprised that Sky walked out on me. ‘In her position, I’d have done exactly the same thing.’

Too much 1664 and Pete just didn’t mix. ‘Am I ever going to learn?’ I asked myself.

My phone beeped at me again.

Lewis - 'sober'

Lewis - 'sober' - being carried by Gerwyn (Gez)

“Hello m8! I just heard ur back in town! What r u up 2? Fancy a pint with me and Gez?” read the message from Lewis, a best mate from school.

I wanted nothing more right then – but I knew that if I left, I’d be blowing my chances why Sky forever.

“Can’t do tonight – could meet up tomorrow?” I replied.

The doorbell rang. I jumped out of my seat and over to the door. It was Sky with Matt.

“Alright, I’ve explained how you were looking forward to seeing her, and how you’ve just had one too many, but now the two of you need to sort things out between you” said Matt, looking me squarely in the eye.

“Thanks Matt” I said, as he left me with Sky to rejoin the party. “So… What next…?” I asked.

“Let’s talk outside” Sky replied.

We sat under the stars for an hour, and I apologised profusely. Sky, because she is a wonderful person, didn’t rip me a new one like I knew she wanted to – she instead listened, and tried her best to understand me (I did leave out the whole Sandra flirting / groping incident however, which I thought may have been a step too far). After the stars began to disappear a little, Sky gave me a chance for a do-over the following evening.

“No pubs this time” said Sky, “and no mates either – just you and me.

I nodded.

“Come over to the house tomorrow night. Don’t set a time, let’s just play it by ear. Let me know about an hour before you come over and we’ll see how things go.”

I really couldn’t have asked for any more at that point. More than pleased with the outcome, I gave her a hug and agreed.

“Right – well, I’m going to get off I think. The party looks like its dying down. Where are you sleeping tonight?”

And then a thought occurred to me. I’d promised Dad that I was going to see him, and stay with him this weekend. And I’d completely and utterly forgotten about it. Along with the million other things I’d erased from my mental to-do list during the day.

I desperately needed some sleep.

“I’m… Not all that sure. Here maybe? Or if I can get a taxi, maybe my Dad’s house. I’ll have a chat with Jay and see if he’s got a spare bed.”

Sky nodded. “I’ll see you tomorrow” she said, before giving me a peck on the cheek and turning to walk off towards the bus stop.

She had been right, the party was definitly coming to an end. As I walked back into the halls through the doorway (I’d left it on the latch – wasn’t going to get caught out like that again), I shuffled past stumbling inebriated party goers hurriedly exiting the building to vomit somewhere hidden in the bushes. Sadly, all too many missed the bushes, choosing instead to pebble-dash the potted plants by the door.

Jay switched off the music as I entered the (essentially) empty living room. “How’d everything go with Sky?”

“Not as bad as I expected it might. Think I’ve got Matt to thank for that. He still around?” I asked.

“I think he left a little while ago. Might have been miffed that you got to play Twister and he didn’t. He suggested a second game with Anna and Sandra, but they seemed to have gone off the idea.” replied Jay.

“Yeah…” I said, picturing the look on Sky’s face as she walked in on me with my head in Anna’s cleavage, “…I bet the girls weren’t in the mood for Twister after Sky turned up…”

“Not so much, no.” said Jay, patting me on the shoulder. “Hey, where are you staying tonight by the way?” he asked, looking at the time. It was 1 in the morning.

“Well, I had an offer from my Dad, b–” I began to say.

“Nah…! Mate it’s too late to get a bus out to Borth now and a taxi would cost you a mint. Stay over. I’ll grab a pillow and my sleeping bag for you. You don’t mind sleeping on the floor in here do you?” asked Jay.

I looked around the devastated room, chicken bones and empty bottles were as far as they eye could see. Anna was curled up in an easy chair in the corner, softly snoring. Someone had written ‘tits’ on her forehead in black marker pen.

“Mate, I think this would be just fine.” I replied. “Oh! I meant to find Sandra and see – did her eye go down any?”

Jay burst out laughing. “Well, her eye was still swollen the last time I saw her, but as for whether she went down any… Let’s just say Jeff and Sandra wound up getting pretty friendly after you left.”

I smiled. At least two people had wound up having a good evening.

As I lay in the sleeping bag, carefully placed over bits of discarded chicken, I gazed upwards at the ceiling. Nothing had quite gone as I planned. ‘Maybe there’s time to make up for it tomorrow’ I thought.

My phone beeped at me again. I was beginning to resent that hateful noise. All it had brought me that evening was damn messages about things I’d forgotten.

“HaY! – Gez and I have had a Gr8 iDea! Up for GoLF at CapL tomOZ?” texted Lewis, obviously three sheets to the wind at this time in the morning.

“Sure. Midday?” I texted back.

The phone sounded off again.

“DoNE!” replied Lewis.

I sighed and adjusted my head on the pillow. My eyes looked at the ceiling again, then down at my watch. 2:15. I’d been gazing at the ceiling for over an hour. I turned off my phone and went to sleep.

– – –

My eyes opened slowly the next morning. ‘Good lord that’s loud’ I caught myself thinking as the birds outside the living room window chirped in the bushes. I moved my head on the pillow and wondered if they were shouting ‘where the f@£k has all this puke come from?’ to themselves. Probably.

I yawned and looked over at Anna. She snorted in her sleep and wiped the dribble from her mouth. Classy.

7:30 in the morning. Or so my watch informed me. If I was going to play golf, I was going to have to get up and catch a bus to Dad’s house soon. I’d promised him that I’d come over, and I’d broken far too many promises already that weekend.

Hurriedly, I threw my clothes on, wrote ‘Anna, someone wrote ‘tits’ on your head – it’s pretty funny actually – thanks for a good night – Pete’ on a post-it note which I stuck near the easy chair in which she rested, and made an exit.

“Thanks for a great night mate and a place to stay – will have to do (some) of it again soon!” I texted to Jay as I traveled to Dad’s house on the 512 bus.

The trip to Borth is something of beauty to a guy who grew up in Kingshurst. Long sweeping roads. Deep corners, rich green hills. Stunning.

I’d strongly recommend that anyone travelling to Wales take a moment to find that road and drive down it. It’s truly something you’ll never forget.

Especially as it ends up in the arse end of nowhere – Borth.

The bus stopped and I exited.

I looked out at the sea in front of me. That was the most beautiful thing in Borth. And it was also the only thing that had no choice but to be there by default. If the ocean had, by some cosmic intervention, been given an opportunity to be anywhere else apart from Borth – I expect it would have jumped at being a hundred miles away from the poor man’s zoo, deserted train station and hideous yellow chip shop.

Borth Chip Shop (in putrid yellow)

Borth Chip Shop (in putrid yellow)

Still, it didn’t have a choice. And I was quite thankful for that as I walked along the beach road towards Dad’s house.

A mile or so later, I crossed over the road, turned down a side lane and knocked on Dad’s front door. I wondered if he’d be mad at me for not calling. He seemed to be so keen on me coming over to stay. Hopefully he wouldn’t be too upset about it. I yawned. I’d had around 5/6 hrs sleep, and I was really feeling it.

The door opened.

“Pete! Hey, is it that weekend already?!? I’m glad you’ve come over – I’m having this problem with my computer…

It was going to be a long day.


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I’m sitting here with the worst shits and gut ache ever, momentarily i’ve been taken away to a far and distant place where i’ve forgetten my woes and acutally remmemberd a part of my youth! superb mate keep them coming!

Comment by lewis

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