A History Of Great Mistakes

Interractive intermission
February 25, 2009, 2:02 am
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Because you demanded it - more boobs

Because you demanded it - more boobs

As you might have guessed, the incredibly long story of my sorry date with Sky will be drawing to a close in the near future.

But – I have had many other dates go wrong – so another tale isn’t far away, and in fact will be starting up almost right after the end of this one.

Now here’s the thing.

As I’ve had many other dates go wrong – I’m a bit clueless as to which one I should talk about next.

So here’s where you come in.

Let me know if you would like to read about…

a) a previously undisclosed incident that happened in Dublin over the course of 24hrs that in which I ‘went missing’;

b) a tale about how you never can know who you’re dating, especially if you meet them online, or;

or c) a date in Northampton that left me bedridden and alone for three weeks;

…simply by adding a comment below!


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i want c!!!

Comment by emma

Mate, if b is who I think it is then please save it for the last entry!
I vote A!! xx

Comment by Anjii

Definately option (a)!

Comment by Helen Jinks

I vote option A as well

Comment by Pete B

Crikey, option A is provin’ a bit popular isn’t it! (oh, and option ‘b’ might not be who you think it is Anjii…)

Comment by Pete

lets go A x

Comment by Gemma DeLo

You are going to mention them all eventually right? Hmmm…eeny meeny miney mo….let’s go for C…bedridden for 3 weeks? 😐

Rachna x

Comment by Rachna Joshi

Well… Not necessarily Rach… I think if everyone is still reading by the end of the next tale of woe, they’ll probably be a different set of options…! Kind of like some advanced filtering process…! 😀

Comment by Pete

Well I’ve got the t-shirt as far as going missing is concerned, even in Dublin, so lets try B. Sxx

Comment by SIYLMT

Ahh, in that case I think I know which one you mean! I still vote A, C needs to be a later tale…that’s just x Oh and as I’m here, your muscles may be required on the move!

Comment by Anjii

Removal man at your service! When do you need me? This weekend?

Comment by Pete

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